Betterbond’s Blue Door attracts 4000 homeloan registrations

Jeanne Van Jaarsveldt, Marketing and Finance Director of RE/MAX Southern Africa
(MortgageJOHANNESBURG (January 04) - Mortgage originator Betterbond has received 4 000 homeloan registrations from its Blue Door Challenge since being rolled out on October 15. The R10m rewards and incentive programme is for estate agents, agency principals and Betterbond consultants.

Registrations from estate agents across the country, according to a company media release, “have been pouring in non-stop since the launch of Blue Door. The challenge has lived up to one of its core objectives of recognising and rewarding property professionals with first payouts having already taken place successfully.”

The payouts relate to the first “key” in the programme, which aims to unlock cash earnings for agents. Estate agents, who have had bonds granted successfully through Betterbond, have earned currency for each transaction and have received their payouts for their loyalty.

Presently, the Betterbond Visa Electron card – into which cash earnings are paid - has not been issued to entrants. However, Deon Lessing, PA Group Marketing Executive, says the number of entrants has now increased to a level whereby the Betterbond Visa Electron cards can be released and distributed to the Blue Door Challenge database.

Pertinent to achieving top-of-mind awareness of Betterbond and building loyalty among estate agents through Blue Door, key industry players have already climbed on board in applauding the Challenge as an “exciting innovation which could boost business significantly”.

Property groups such as RE/MAX Southern Africa, Chas Everitt International and Leapfrog have all displayed their support for the programme with many of their agents currently receiving rewards of their partnership with Betterbond.

Says Jeanne Van Jaarsveldt, Marketing and Finance Director of RE/MAX Southern Africa, “We are in a market where bond origination is a highly commission-driven industry, and I believe Betterbond’s investment of R10m for the agents and principals is primarily driven by the value-add, not commission. This is precisely the type of value-add that secures loyalty and support.

The Blue Door Challenge is set to run for a year, ending 31 October 2008, however Lessing says that judging by the high level of success thus far, the cut-off date seems likely to be reconsidered and extended. “With such an extraordinary number of registrations over a short period of three months, it is almost inevitable that Blue Door will leave a gigantic footprint in the market, thus further reinforcing Betterbond’s presence in the property industry.”

Lessing is confident that the Challenge will reach even greater heights in the remaining months. “We are highly satisfied and extremely excited with the progress and enrollment thus far and our focus for 2008 will definitely be on Blue Door,” he says.
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