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News > news - 12 Apr 2012
Walk in to any rental property and you are likely to see white walls but this shouldn’t make you think that white is boring.

The blank canvas of a white wall lends itself to a wide range of decor options. Whether you're aiming for an interior that's clean and simple or elegant and over the top, these concepts may come in handy when pulling together your white-walled space.

This collection of interiors utilizes white walls to create focus, balance and contrast for a variety of different aesthetics.

1. Build a Bold Niche.

Create a focal point to contrast the white walls. This cozy niche, concentrated in the corner, feels warm and inviting. The rich colors and patterns in the sofa play off the crisp simplicity of the space, giving the illusion of a niche floating between the white walls.

2. Get Graphic.

Make a statement with black and white. Focus on incorporating elements with pattern and texture to build interest. If you can't stay away from color, add a few accents of a bold hue, like yellow or orange.

3. Warm It Up.

Avoid the cold, stark feeling that some shades of white give off and add warmth through the use of wood. In this workspace, the touches of maple, in the frames and the desk, give the room a feeling of comfort and serenity.

4. Focus On The Floor.

A darker floor has the power to ground a room. Keep the walls light and airy and the floor dark, to establish a sense of elegance. If you're dealing with ugly wall-to-wall carpet, considering adding an area rug on top of the carpet to better define the space.

5. Let There Be Light.

Play with light and shadow on the walls. Lighting is very powerful in transforming the way a space feels. Diffused light and multiple light sources can soften a harsh atmosphere for a more calming vibe. Ceiling fixtures, like the pendant in this living room, also double as sculptural elements, used to add dimension.

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