Bathrooms to inspire

News > news - 19 Apr 2012
Is there anything better than taking a relaxing bath after a long day? These ten bathrooms will inspire, leave you relaxed and add value to your property.
A bathroom doesn’t need to be huge to be relaxing, this cozy little bathroom feels a lot bigger because of the muted tones and natural finishes.

Create a spa like interior with white finishes, soft towels and big drawers instead of the usual cabinet.

A traditional bathroom with a twist! The open plan space allows for a modern feel while the old style bathroom adds an old world aesthetic

Black and white tiled floors remain a bathroom classic and with the right touches you can turn it into a luxurious experience

A deep bath and quirky touches makes this bathroom not just about getting clean but disappearing into a world of your own

Industrial lights and finishes turns a white bathroom into a sleek, no fuss bathroom. What more could you ask for?

Bring the outside inside with this bathroom!

Splash out in this circular bath and further enhance the experience by painting the walls a relaxing shade of blue

Watch the city lights while taking a bath, not for those who has a fear of heights

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, this bathroom creates an “under-the-sea” experience without bashing you over the head with colour and finishes.

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