Never before have consumers had instant access to such a massive array of information – mostly made available through rapid advances in new technology.
Yet, for most – and that includes buyers and sellers of property – this means 'information overload', and it's coupled with an increasing need to be selective to save time, a precious commodity in today's fast-paced lifestyle, says Dr Andrew Golding, CE of the Pam Golding Property group.
In order to equip home buyers with concise, relevant information that will enable them to make timely and informed decisions regarding their investment in real estate, the Pam Golding Property (PGP) group has launched an innovative web-based communications system specially designed for this purpose and the first of its kind in the real estate industry in South Africa.
"Through fast access to reliable communications, the system, known as 'Alchemy', further enhances the agent's efficiency and service to clients, allowing them to communicate via email and sms with both buyer and seller - throughout the buying cycle," says Dr Golding.
"Essentially a customer relationship management system, the emphasis is on keeping clients updated with up to the minute information that is tailored to suit their own individual requirements. Whether it's show day invitations, personalised property portfolios, new property releases, terms of a mandate or relevant information regarding recent sales in the area, the communication process is fast and available for the client to view immediately, or when convenient," he says.
While it enables clients to efficiently manage their property requirements and the kind of selective information which each, individually, wishes to receive, it also enables PGP agents to manage their property listings, as well as create and print their own marketing material, among various other features.
Cheridan Inglis, new media manager for PGP comments: "As 'Alchemy' is database-linked, agents can easily pull information from our database into the new system, which saves them more time to spend on a face-to-face consultative basis.  Property information conveyed to clients in this way also allows the buyer or seller to click through directly to the PGP website for more details regarding the featured property, again saving them time. A further feature of the new system is that being web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, while a single sign-on facility with a unique password provides for security.
"The benefits are already being seen, with one of our GoldClub Gauteng agents reporting that the first show day invitation she sent out immediately brought in a buyer who signed the deal. While technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, what remains unchanged is our focus on providing professional service and maintaining personal client relationships. It makes sound sense that our digital business strategy continues to focus on supporting our agents with intelligent tools to enhance, not minimise, their personal interaction with clients," adds Inglis.
Issued by Gaye de Villiers
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