Attracting buyers to your home

He notes that aside from the correct pricing of a home, creativity is key to attracting potential buyers in today’s tough and competitive real estate market.

Goslett notes that while the asking price will always have a major influence on the appeal that a home holds for buyers, sellers still need to ensure that the whole picture presents an attractive offering. In light of this, he offers the following pointers:

It’s got to have kerb appeal – It is all about first impressions. Buyers driving past will judge whether they want to have a look at the property by the way it looks from the street. If it looks rundown from the outside, then they will probably think it looks like that on the inside too, Buyers want to feel like they could live in a home from the moment they pull up in front of it. Basic improvements such as exterior painting, cutting the grass and planting some flowers can tremendously improve the look of a home from the outside.

Make your home an easy show – Have a key available for the estate agent which will allow them access to the home at times when you are not there or are unavailable. Don’t be too restrictive on viewing times - the more time available for the agent to show the home, the larger the number of buyers that can see the property.

Get the neighbours involved – Speak to other homeowners that live in the area who are selling their homes and arrange to host a neighbourhood show day. Don’t be afraid of the competition, the more homeowners that participate in the event, the larger the draw and number of investors coming to look at the property. It will also give the seller an idea of what is available to buyers in the area and what features of the home the seller can highlight to stand out from the other properties on the market.

Get creative with incentives – Think about what you can offer a buyer that other sellers won’t. Sellers could, for example, include certain pieces of furniture, appliances or artworks in the selling price, especially if they have been custom-made for the home.

Promote your property – Have flyers available at your home with information and contact details, advertise on property search portals or even make a video tour of your home and post it on youtube - get the word out and pull out all the stops to make the right impact.

Make buyers feel at home – To make a lasting impression, stage areas that you want to highlight within your home. For example, have attractive place settings and a centrepiece on the dining room table. Have a reading light on next to an armchair or display fruit or jars on the kitchen counter with an open cookbook.  Appeal to the buyer’s sense of smell by offering freshly baked treats and fresh firewood or pinecones in or next to the fireplace.

It’s about comfort – If you have an air-conditioning system, adjust it to a comfortable temperature and keep the rooms bright. Open curtains or blinds and turn on lights, especially when the weather is overcast.

Accent the season – In spring and summer have a vase with freshly cut flowers in the entrance hall or dining room. In autumn and winter have a basket of pinecones by the fireplace. Be sure that once the New Year has passed, all Christmas decorations are packed away.

“Today’s buyers are not only focussed on the price of a property, but what unique features that property offers to meet their lifestyle requirements. So while price is a key element to ensuring a successful sale, making your property as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers as possible will also play a vital role in the amount of time your property will sit on the market,” Goslett concludes.
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