Aida beefs up rental property management service

News > news - 21 Sep 2010
With no end in sight to the demand for rental property on both short and long-term leases, premier real estate group Aida has just launched a new electronic rental property management solution to ensure excellent service for both landlords and tenants.
“From student flats to family homes and from bush lodges to beachfront cottages, if they’re let to tenants they all need managing,” says Aida CEO Young Carr, “and many of our offices across the country already have large portfolios of rental properties.
“Now our new rental management platform will make it easier for them to keep track of all the details of each property and the actions required to deliver consistently excellent service to landlords and their tenants.”
He says the launch of the system is in line with Aida’s policy of continuously adding value to its franchise and service offering without ever detracting from the essence that has made Aida a trusted and respected household name.
“In this respect, what we try to do is identify systems that will assist our existing franchisees to improve their service offerings and that will also attract new franchisees so that we can reach more clients. And we now already have some offices that are purely concentrating on rental property management, thanks to the new system.”
Carr says the demand for rental property is set to keep growing for two reasons: the stringent credit control measures that restrict access to the home loan finance that would enable tenants to become owners, and the increasing mobility of skilled employees, who need to be able to move quickly from place to place as they take up new contracts.
“And that means that there will be an increasing number of landlords who need help to manage their rental properties and maximise the returns on their investments. Our aim is to provide that help, in an efficient and entirely professional manner.”
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