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News > news - 20 Feb 2007

The real estate industry is one of high pressure and huge demand. It's also an industry in which professionals are typically quite isolated, working by themselves in the face of stiff competition for mandates and sales.


And as important as the backing of a loving family is, or even that of a loyal support-staff member, it is usually not enough to maintain a successful business, because it is does not amount to experienced advice.


"What agents really need is a place to go for sound business advice that doesn't compromise family life and that offers real solutions to the everyday challenges of running a lucrative business," says Steven Johnstone of Providence Coaching Systems, SA's leading provider of one-on-one coaching for estate agents.


 "And working with a coach is proving immensely successful for an increasing number of SA estate agents. I'm not talking about life coaches in this context but about business coaches who really understand the demands of the real estate industry, and who can help agents draw up a practical strategy for success."


At Providence, he says, it is understood that an agent needs someone who is impartial and not in any way competitive to help them fine-tune their business and its processes. "A good real estate coach will teach them to run a financially sound business with a growing turnover, while being able to spend more time on the things that count like their  families and friendships."


At its Turning Point retreats, Johnstone says, the company shows agents the systems and techniques that will resolve many of the difficult issues they face, "and those that choose to take the next step into a relationship with us are then matched with a coach who guides them over the next 12 months, helping them to implement those systems.


"Our coaches are extensively trained to provide the answers, without dictating the course to be followed. And every disciplined agent that has committed to working with a PCS coach has noticed a dramatic turnaround in their business and their lifestyle, for the better.


"They are selling more property, reaping the rewards of their commission, and enjoying much more quality time with the people that are most important in their lives."

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