30 storey building erected in 15 days
News > news - 25 Jun 2012
If we hadn’t seen a video of the T30 Hotel going up in China, we might not have believed that anyone, anywhere could erect a prefabricated 30 storey tower in just over 2 weeks. 

But it’s true – Broad Sustainable Building, a subsidiary of the BroadGroup construction company, has broken their previous record of constructing a 15 storey building in one week with their latest project in Hunan Province. Not only did BSB get the T30 Hotel up in 15 days or 360 hours (with the help of 200 super speedy construction workers), but the company claims that their 17,000 square meter tower is 5 times more energy efficient than the competition and generates a fraction of the waste. It is also said to have the capacity to withstand an earthquake that measures up to 9 on the Richter Magnitude Scale! 

Take a look at the incredible time-lapse video of the hotel’s construction after the jump.

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