10 Decorating secrets revealed
News > news - 09 Mar 2012
Want to turn your home into a designer showcase? We reveal ten decorating secrets which will help you achieve the beautiful home you deserve.

Don't Design with Clichés

Timeless design is restrained, balanced, and doesn't give in to the obvious. With that said, if you live in a coastal area you shouldn’t decorate your house with seashells on the walls or leaping dolphins everywhere. If you do that you are no longer living in a house but a theme park. Incorporate your environment with colours or shapes.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Design Styles

Mixing humble materials with more luxurious ones is a contemporary approach to great design. Try mixing chairs covered in a stonewashed material with a wooden table for example.

Do Hang Artwork Together

Grouping framed pieces together makes a strong, lasting impression. Hang pieces together to create a larger piece. Remember the rule of three: always hang them in groups of three, six etc.

Do Skimp Where You Can

Want to redecorate a room for less? Balloon shades are a smart alternative to traditional long curtains. It will not only save you money but it will create an interesting visual appeal.

Don't Divide a Small Space

Just like a short person should try and match their tops with their pants to create a longer silhouette, you should try and match fabrics in a small room so it appears bigger than it is.

Do Consider a Monochromatic Palette

Want to create a serene space? Try using quiet neutrals, Try and match your sofas or larger pieces of furniture with the walls and then add white in the accessories. This will prevent the room from looking bland while keeping the mood peaceful.

Do Incorporate Side Tables

Intimate spaces make for a warmer, happier home. The key to getting one right? Make sure that every chair or sofa has an accompanying side table. When you walk into a room and you see a little table or a stool pulled up to a chair, you immediately imagine curling up with a cup of coffee or a drink.

Don't Hide Your TV

Have a sleek flatscreen television? Put it on display. This will ensure that your house doesn’t feel like a show house but that people actually live and relax in the space.

Do Understand that Mixing Patterns Takes Practice

Making busy prints work together isn't effortless, so go easy on yourself if you don't get it right on your first try. Pull out swatches, try things out and trust your eye. If it still not working consider asking a professional.  

Do Make a Small Space Work for You

If your dream house has a tiny kitchen for example don’t let this deter you. Extend cabinets all the way to the ceiling, add glass fronts so things are easy to spot and instead of doing lower cabinets do deep drawers.
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