What will happen to occupation dates during lockdown?

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This is a National lockdown which means that:

  • Everyone must, quite literally, stay put as from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020 until movement to move house is allowed;
  • No landlord may demand from his/her tenant to vacate, during this time even if the lease has expired or been terminated;
  • Where a tenant has paid a deposit but now cannot move in, the landlord must hang on to it and honour the lease when he can;
  • If a landlord obtained an eviction order, it cannot be executed in this time;
  • Rental deposits will have to be retained; outgoing inspections will have to be postponed;
  • Where buyers and sellers have agreed to exchange occupation pending transfer, this will also have to be suspended/postponed;
  • No one will be able to claim damages of any kind should they suffer any damages as a result of any of this;
  • Removal companies will probably be allowed to retain deposits and payments that were made but will have to then honour the agreement later on.