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This is a profession I never, in my entire working career, ever considered and it's now a guarantee that it's a profession I will never give up!" Being able to help people find... and finally get their dream homes is a feeling few may understand fully. My experience thus far has thought me that sales is one thing but doing it with passion, enthusiasm, efficiency and professionalism are the keys to success. Perseverance bears the sweetest most successful fruits, emotionally and financially, and I aspire to reach greater heights in being a Property Professional. Being able to interact with people from all walks of life, different personalities, different perspectives, needs, wants and choices has broadened my knowledge greatly and given me a paradigm shift with regard to the way I see life as a Property Professional. Property.CoZa have equipped me too with the tools I need and the support most importantly, and this has also contributed to my drive for success, making a success & creating a brand for myself as a Property Professional. I look forward to many years of this exciting profession and more so to witness the joy and happiness of my clients I have walked the extra mile with.
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