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Meridian Realty / Estate Agent
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Trish lives in Killarney where she have been involved in sectional title sales and management in the past. She is proud to be re-entering the marketplace under the banner of... Meridian Realty, a hi-tech marketing company providing the best online showcase for properties. As a long-time Residential Property Specialist she is: Committed: She works hard to get the best deal possible for you and keeps going if the going gets tough. Knowledgeable: She is open and honest about the market value of property and understands the complicated legislation governing sales and rentals. She is a recognised trainer in Real Estate and enjoys passing on her passion for professionalism to her students. Experienced: She is highly skilled at matching buyers to the properties that meet their needs. She regards you as a partner in the process of selling and not as a passive bystander. Communicative: She listens to your advice and worries and makes sure you are kept up to date with progress. You can depend on her to respond quickly to your calls and mails. Effective: She combines the above characteristics in a way that reassures you that you have chosen an agent who will represent your interests in a professional and highly competent manner. Talk to Trish, you’ll be glad you did!
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