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Under the mentor ship and guidance of one of Property.CoZa most successful agents, Cynthia Beneke, we have become a mother and daughter team as well as very passionate about our... career. I have been activity involved in real estate since 2015 and with Cynthia being involved since 1969 I got a flare for the real estate business. One of my hobbies and passion is skydiving. In 2015, I took my 1st jump into the unknown and participated in a skydiving tandem jump. I landed up doing 2 jumps that day and fell totally in love with it………I have always wanted to skydive and a few years’ prior my 1st jump I saw a wing suiter over The Palm in Dubai and I said to myself “I want to do that!” Never did I realize that a general purpose of pursuing a dream was being born. The next weekend after my 1st jump I started my courses and a journey that would change my life and get me into that wing suit. I am very proud to say that I have achieved my goal and with achieving these goals I have set new one’s…This sport will teach you psychological and physical discipline, determination, perseverance and patience but most of all you realize that there is no limit to the sky. I have approached a career in real estate in very much the same way I have skydiving – In 2015 I joined Cynthia and I haven’t looked back. It’s been and still is hard work but I have discovered a passion and enjoyment which I am perusing – I am now busy with my studies and plan to have completed my NQF4 qualification in real estate by the end of 2018 and it won’t end there, soon thereafter I will be starting my NQF5. As a mother and daughter team we are hardworking, committed and strive to give our clients the best service……after all we are involved with the single most important investment of your life and we treat your property needs as our own.
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