Ronald De Vries

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I have 16 years of experience in the Estate environment including practical in sectional titles. I am passionate in serving as an estate agent. I believe in educating and... informing my clients about the real estate environment, as owning a property is a big decision and event in any person’s life. Before I became an estate agent in 2001, I was in the SA Navy for 35 years as the Chief Clerk of the Navy. I was involved with the administration and training of personnel and integration, and was also involved in training Naval Cadets. I have been working at Smile Property Group since 2004 and have been doing Sales of existing property and developments and lately rentals in Centurion. The reason I am working for Smile Property Group is that I am allowed to work on my own (at my own pace)without constant supervision, however if I need help or advice the CEO or Manager is always there immediately. I find being an estate agent highly enjoyable and challenging because every client has different needs. Delivering quality, professional service creates happy clients which leaves which me with an immensely satisfying feeling.
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