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As a revered business development manager, Roelof joins the property profession bringing his career experience, charismatic personality and business development... skills to the property world. Roelof has successfully combined his technical expertise as a B.Sc graduate from the University of Stellenbosch with the learning gained through his Higher Education Diploma (HED) to start his career as a Teacher at Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch. From his days as an educator, Roelof has move towards a more technology orientated role in the IT industry where he has honed his skills in business development, sales support, contract negotiations and solution architecture. In 2006, Roelof completed an MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School to combine his logical thinking and technology expertise with his business acumen to deliver on a value proposition of an executive practitioner in IT and now in the real estate world. Roelof is therefore able to apply himself at a practical level in real estate through quality realty services but equally operates at a tactical and strategic level providing consulting and business development insights. . Roelof brings this world of experience and expertise to the property profession to first and foremost serve his customers but also acts as connected individual in the community to extend his proposition to provide service leading to and after a property transaction. Roelof therefore provides much more than an agent selling house a truly exhibits the traits of a professional practitioner in real estate and thus contributes to the prominence of the property executive. . In a recent personality assessment Roelof has been described as an “Attainer” who exhibits the following characteristics; ·         Steady and persistent; ·         Driven to complete goals ·         Loyal to vision ·         Builds on tried and tested method ·         A leader ·         Rallying to the vision of others
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