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Background and Experience. Ravindran Pillay (Ravi) has been working in the Commercial Financial Industry for the past. 25 years; spending his time in Standard Bank Financial... Services, Liberty Life and Absa. Private Banking as a Personal Banker. Prior to his involvement within the Financial Industry,. he served as a Treasury Compliance Officer and Internal Auditor at Eskom. Ravi is an efficient and effective employee. He is confident, creative, dynamic, a self-driven. forward thinker who seeks an opportunity to work and develop within an innovative and. transformative environment. He has strong interpersonal skills and interacts with a variety of. audiences in a very tactful manner. He has completed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). with the Richard Bandler Institute. In his last corporate position, he served as a Suite Manager for Absa Bank. This position. encourages, promotes, supervises and where necessary, co-ordinates interest in his team to. focus on sales. He has the ability to lead, mentor and supervise a team while providing clear. directions and definite objectives. He has excellent planning and organising skills. Ravi has. the ability to impel concise agreement and commitment from others by means of persuasion,. coaxing and negotiation. He has the proven experience to effectively communicate at all. levels within the business and conjunctively set high standards for client satisfaction. Education. His qualifications are as follows:. B Compt(Accounting Science) – UNISA. HIGHER DIPLOMA IN TAXATION – UNISA. WEALTH MANAGEMENT – University of Stellenbosch. DIPLOMA IN FINANCIAL PLANNING – University of Free State- CFP®. SAFEX EXAMS - SAIFM. Unique Selling Proposition. Strengths. Based on decades of research into high-performing salespeople the top five strengths he. embodies are : Focus, Communication, Strategic Thinker, Maximiser and Achiever. ● Focus: People exceptionally talented in the Focus(executing) theme can take. directions, follow through and make corrections necessary to stay on track. They. prioritise and act. ● Communication: Individuals talented in communication generally find it easy to put. their thoughts into words. ● Ideation (Strategic Thinker): Individuals with this trait are fascinated by ideas and. finding connections. ● Maximiser (Influencer): Individuals with this trait focus on one’s strengths to. stimulate personal and group excellence. ● Achiever (Executioner): Individuals with this trait work productively and possess a. great deal of stamina. Brand Identity. Ravi Pillay is a Real Estate Agent - equipped with commercial and interpersonal dexterity -. who has a professional understanding of investment.
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