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Having grown up in the Pretoria area and specifically the Northern Parts, with a real estate mom very well known in the area, lawyer father, grandfather that taught at a local... high school, who had a couple of businesses in the area and even was mayor of the Town Council of Pretoria-North (yes, we had one in those days), I have a personal stake in the area. My parents went to school here, I went to school here, my children went to school here, and now my grandchildren will possibly go to school here. Having been employed here, owned a couple of businesses here, rented and/or owned flats, houses and other property in the area, I experienced the need for owning the right property, whether for business, individual or family purposes. Now it is time for me to give back. The biggest stake a person could have in a community is owning property there, and that is how I would like to serve the area, by assisting sellers and buyers throughout the property transaction. I take my job very seriously, but I also strive to make home buying/selling a fun experience for my clients. I love the challenge of marketing a home for sale and finding that ideal home for my buyers! As my client, you will benefit from sound advice and informed decisions—not just from me, but from my personally-assembled ‘dream team’ of local experts in the area. I would really appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate these techniques to you, and am inviting you to contact me for additional useful information that may be beneficial to you.
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