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Finite Property Holdings broker commercial & Residential property and sole focus on helping developers, investors, homeowners and the like with acquisition or selling of land for... development or any other commercial properties. We focus on dealing directly with buyers and sellers and aim to help our client see transactions all the way to completion assisting in all variable's. We have found that all buyers and sellers mandate’s and focuses change over time, thus mostly leaving someone with assets that just don’t fit anymore and are ready for a exit strategy. However it can be a logistical nightmare to put it on the open market. Our approach is slightly different. Firstly have developed world class systems using state of the art information and technology that we believe is a few a steps ahead of the industry norm. Of course it starts with initial informal meeting to get a feel for your needs. Whatever it may be, we then make work of it to find your perfect deal. We also render a professional town planning service by working closely with a diverse group of other professional institutions and associations like Land Surveyors, Engineers, Attorneys, Quantity Surveyors, Environmental Consultants and Architects. We are also able to assist with getting finance or advising on specialized solution on financing or structuring deals so that everyone wins
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