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“Dreams lead to new ventures” – Operating Principal Niel Cronje Snr Over the last 33 years I have gained experience in the fields of strategic and operational marketing... and always been able to see opportunities where other people saw problems. I have extensive business experience, going back to 1987. Being Executive Director, franchise holder and CEO of various international real estate companies, Keller Williams has become part of my DNA because of their values and focus on belonging. The culture of God, Family and then Business rings true in my life and resonates with me, therefore I have found my brand of choices and want to impact others through the models and systems provided through this international brand. I have a great sense of entrepreneurship, a passion for property and especially Real Estate.  My passion for property and people motivates me to change the lives of others and through mentorship, discover people’s Big Why and help them reach their highest potential.  My diverse experiences within the property sector ensures that I bring a vast amount of knowledge, that I want to share to ensure personal and professional growth Opening KW PR1ME, a Keller Williams franchise in Pretoria, my leadership and I are focused on building Careers worth having, Businesses worth owning, Lives worth living, Experiences worth giving, and Legacies worth leaving.
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