Marlien Nel

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I have a positive outlook on life and always maintain a positive and professional attitude. I obtained a B Com degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2013. My study areas... were mainly Economics, Marketing and Political Science. I have a keen interest in the economy and international markets, which proofs to be extremely valuable in the property industry. Throughout my life I have been in numerous leadership positions that had taught me great lessons in being responsible and accountable in everything I do, especially when dealing with other people’s precious assets. I enjoy motivating people to achieve one common goal. Attributes that are valuable to my clients are the fact that I am a good listener and that I manage to stay calm in difficult situations and when resolving conflict. Through past life and work experiences, I have learned the value of being a good team player. Moral and ethical behaviour is of great importance to me, and leading by example is my motto.
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