Lucille White

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Lucille started out her career managing Midas Paints in her 20’s and has now returned back to the world of property. Delighted to finally be working in property fulfilling a dream... since then. She is dynamic, energetic and honest. As a result of being a personal / business life coach for the past 13 years, she has developed an understanding of people’s needs know the importance of building relationships. She strives to deliver excellence, keeping her clients informed throughout the process, keeping on top of things and following through. Having lived in the South Peninsula most of her life, she has a sound grasp of the local consciousness in this beautiful area. Lucille lived in the UK for 13 years and travelled world-wide so she has an extensive network both locally and internationally. Lucille also brings her talent having a keen eye for detail and layout and takes good photographs. Her motto is service of excellence.
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