Liza Gillett -ppre

Your Irene neighborhood expert
What makes Irene a great suburb?
Irene Village has the unique appeal of an established urban community with a farm atmosphere, large stands, old houses and even older trees. a reflection of harmonious coexistence between modern living and tranquil village life. The village is patrolled 24/7 and has it's own town hall, school and church. Has a working dairy that has been in continuous operation for 112 yrs!
The typical Irene buyer
Young families
Price overview of Irene
Entry level of R3mil and to rent an average of +/- R17k pm
Popular in Irene
The Red Barn, Rietvlei Nature reserve, Irene Mall , Smuts House, Clay Cafe
My Irene tip
Irene you invest in a "way of living" not as an "investor." Investment property is more in Die Hoewes area.
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