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Selling? Jacques is a property consultant that will, when selling your home, provide you with an in depth analysis of current trends and medians in your area along with the most... accurate opinion of the value for your property. If its priced correctly its priced to SELL! Confucius say : “ Your home is worth what it’s worth …not what you want it to be worth” Jacques keeps a consistent diary of new and existing prospective buyers which could always count in your favour as the opportunity of matching one of his clients with what your home has to offer is so much greater. Buying? Jacques has all the tools to help you to ascertain what exactly you qualify for when opting to acquire an immovable asset, this forms an integral part of the process and is the foundation of your need to acquire a brand new asset. "a sound foundation = a sturdy home" Jacques takes pride in providing his clients with a swift and efficient service to make the process of acquiring an immovable asset, which may sometimes prove to be quite taxing, as quick and painless as possible. Don’t know Jacques yet? Give him a call today to tend to all your property needs “Real estate my passion, your need my drive!” Jacques Cronje’
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