Immaculate Mpho Matlala

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I am driven, outgoing, independent, dependable, assertive, and intuitive. I have the ambition of doing what I believe in and I can stretch myself until I find it. Before I do... something, I search within myself so that I can do what I say and say what I can do. The discipline of Communications under the field of humanities deals with relationships, investigations, successful feed back and reading between the lines,meaning; saying what is not said and omitting what is not important to maintain a healthy relationship. My aspirations emanates from this background, and its relevance in Real Estate is that it is a tool of Public Relations and investigation. As an intern I think that the unique selling point is to build cultures and establish relationships by agreeing to disagree, showing care and concern. The point is clients or customers do not really buy a product, they buy the personality , either of a person or of a company. The fact that people bond with products means that the marketing strategies are very important; that is to say: they must be future forecast, taking into consideration that the relationship one builds is also for future and connections.
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