Helen Watts

RE/MAX LIVING / Estate Agent
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Born and raised in Cape Town, Helen always had a keen sense for business and a passion for property. She entered the building industry by completing her B.Sc Honours degree in... Construction, Economics and Management at the prestigious University of Cape Town. After completing her degree, her yearning to teach, learn and travel, took her on an adventure to South Korea, where she worked and lived as an English Teacher in a rural town for two and a half years. After travelling Asia extensively and learning its cultures, she now has Korean (Hangeul) as her third language. Helen also enjoys being outdoors and her favourite sports include rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. On returning to Cape Town, Helen rejoined RE/MAX to complete her Internship. Helen is known for her attention to detail, friendly client service and her determination to always work hard and push the limits. However, it’s combined with her warm heart, innovative thinking and artistic flair which make her a valuable addition to our industry as a whole.
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