Graham van Schalkwyk

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A seasoned executive, leader and strategist. My corporate career has taken me to the many diverse areas in not just South Africa, but recently, the UAE and Oman in the Middle... East. With a proven track record and demonstrated passion for delivering results, I relish challenge, value integrity and will provide you with the timely conduct and service of a professional Real Estate Agent,  My chosen field within the real estate industry is the commercial / industrial sector. My experience within the industry dates back to 1990 when I first qualified as an Estate Agaent. I embrace wholeheartedly the Keller Williams Belief System of:                                                  Win-win - or no deal. Integrity - do the right thing. Customers - always come first. Commitment - in all things. Communication - seek first to understand. Creativity - Ideas before results. Teamwork - together everyone achieves more. Trust - begins with honesty. Success - results through people.   I look forward to assisting you with any of your real estate needs. . Just scan the QR code below with your phone to add me to your Contacts.
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