Gape Edwin - Intern

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Gape is a consistent, high-performing, dynamic individual with a strong sense of self-awareness. She has gained thorough experience in client services and customer relations... management within South African corporate environments. this has fuelled her confidence and her abilities to be the powerhouse real estate professional that she is today. Her attention to detail ensures that her work is of an exceptionally high standard. She works incredible well with both her buyers and her sellers and has created a network of returning clients, that speaks to her levels of service., Her guiding principles is strength through diversity, lateral thinking, an enterprising spirit and being open minded. These principals ensure that Gape always works with a high level of integrity and is able to meet any challenge with a calm and positive outlook. Gape’s more than 15 years’ experience in Sales & marketing gives her the edge on the average agent. She well understands the property trends and the industry developments. One of her additional strengths is her grasp on advertising in the new millennium, using tools like social media. An accomplished, high energy Excellent People Management, emotional Intelligence and leadership skills character is her establishment of long-term relationships and superior client services. Communication is another strong point of Gape’s. She has the ability to hear what a client’s needs are and is able to follow through and meet those needs. Often exceeding the client expectations. Gape’s ongoing ability to learn and upskill consistently keeps her ahead of the curve, and well informed on current market trends. This high energy agent is an avid golfer and you’ll often find her networking on the golf course. Gape specialises in the Sunninghill and surrounding areas.
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