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One thing I love in life is the ability to wipe the slate clean and start again. There’s something to be said for my favourite season (Spring) and new beginnings. What better... way to begin again, than moving home. Starting afresh in a new space, new home, new beginnings. The idea of taking a property and making it your home, has always been appealing to me. The joy and satisfaction of matchmaking a client with a forever home - is indescribable. That’s exactly what drew me initially to the property industry. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs stated that food and shelter are the first and foremost basic needs of human needs. Being a part of that basic need in so many peoples lives, is a privilege. Like so many agents before me, I began my corporate career in the financial industry working in project management. On a personal note, by the age of 25 I had bought (and bonded) my first property. The love of property and home, has since been engrained into me. I believe everyone deserves a place to call home. A place they are proud to call home. We are here to assist in your transition to home owner, property investor and property mogul. I have since spent more than 10 years in the property industry assisting buyers and sellers in meeting their next property need. My experience and qualifications as a qualified Principal have led me to the position of Principal of Property.CoZa Bryanston/Lonehill. I am incredibly proud to say that we are the fastest growing office and in less than a year have a compliment of 40 agents. Our office goal is continued growth and service to our community. We continue to educate and serve you, the homeowner and ensure that we exceed your expectation and ensure that your property buying/selling needs are met on every level. Together we will ensure you feel at home.
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