Frans Smith

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Frans got his diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1999 at the Technicon of Pretoria. Furthermore he got his diploma in Basic Business Principals at the University of South... Africa in 2001. Registered with NEAB and working with the greatest honesty, integrity, fairness energy and creativity. He has built a successful career in Real estate over the past 9 years, based in Windhoek, Namibia. His experience is extended to every aspect of the both Residential and commercial industry, representing sellers, buyers, investors, Lessors and Lessee’s. The foundation of his success is built by loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business! Frans has a Professional track record with high standards and is a hard working family man. Born in 1977 in Namibia, Frans have a great love for his country and the beauty of the contrasting landscapes that it boasts with. He Thanks the Lord for the blessed land we live in, with great leaders that find their strength in the Lord and thereby ensuring stability, peace and respect between Namibian citizens.
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