Erika Visser

KW Counter Act / Agent
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The 80s, known for big hair and shoulder pads amongst many others, one of which was my first introduction to sales. I started off humbly, selling reinforced glass crockery but... became my region’s area manager within three months. The old saying, “You can sell ice to an Eskimo on a cold night” was said about me ever since. . Since the 80s and my first introduction to sales I have explored various other markets and products, but going back to my old love accounting for a while. I managed various offices, staff and accounts over the years yet sales always called to me. . I returned to realty over five years ago for good. Over my long sales and in particular realty career, I have consistently won awards as top sales agent, top listings agent, top rand value agent and top sales runner up agent. . What does this all mean? Personally, I have raised three beautiful children and firmly believe in family values. Professionally, I have sold over R100 million rand worth of property over the past five years alone. Simply, I love property and I love people and family even more and I will work hard for all three.
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