Dudu Seme - Intern

Property.CoZa Fourways / Estate Agent
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Dudu Seme joined Property.Coza in 2018. She was also previously employed in the real estate industry prior to joining Property.CoZa. Dudu is an energetic and very... professional agent. Her strength is in dealing with clients and this has brought her repeated referrals and repeat business. She has established herself in Broadacres as the preferred agent, because of her service excellence. She takes keen interest on her clients and always provides feedback on a regular basis where needed. She has strong work ethics and is always guided by code of ethics of estate agents as set out by Estate Agency Affairs Board. She has good understanding of property market and always keep abreast of market trends. She has very strong working experience in stakeholder relationship as a result building relationship with clients comes very easy with her. Dudu is always visable in the Broadacres area, interacting with the community Dudu is a highly qualified agent and has extensive experience and degrees in Economics and Marketing.
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