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"Selling and Buying a home is one of the most stressful events for a family to go through. I would like to be the one to help you through that process by sharing my experience,... professionalism and service excellence in making the transition easier. "Peace of mind" is what all my clients deserve" After spending 21 years in the corporate world of banking, specialising in Foreign Exchange, Global Business and Risk & Training, Dianne chose to resign and join the Property Profession. Since 2007 she has worked with various estate agencies and built a career and reputation based on integrity, honesty, perseverance and passion. Dianne has experienced the "University of Life" where every day is a new experience, challenge and personal growth opportunity. Family and spiritual life are very important to Dianne and she strives to maintainn a good balance, between that and her sucess as you Real Estate Property Professonal of choice. Dianne is a member of BNI Achievers chapter - meeting weekly in Little Falls, on the West Rand, Gauteng - and believes in the philosophy of Givers Gain.   The Keller William Belief System “WI4C2TS,” is the foundation of the Keller Williams belief system that is helping to create thousands of successful real estate careers. The meaning behind this  is the difference that makes KW stand out from all other agencies in the industry. The Principles of WI4C2TS: Win-Win: Keller Williams goals are to engage in real estate, not for the benefit of only one person, but for everyone involved in the transaction. You can never find success at the expense of another. Win-win or no deal. Integrity: As a real estate agent, you’re in the business of helping people buy and sell. The only way to do this is to do it the right way, each time, every time. Commitment: If you are going to do it, then you need to make sure that you follow through. Keller Williams agents are interested in building lifelong relationships. Communication: The world is larger than one person’s view. Understanding where people are coming from and going to will lead to success in all areas of our life, including your real estate career. Creativity: Why follow old, outdated business models when there are new, innovative and proven ones that work? There is always a way to “improve” a system. Don’t be afraid to jump in and take the reigns if you have a new or original idea. Customers: This is not a “property” or “money” business. Real estate is definitely a people business. Trust: There is not enough room in this world for lies. Honesty will weather any storm. This is a fundamental philosophy that carries with you in each and every part of your life. Teamwork: When you join Keller Williams, you do not have to go at it alone. There are many people in this company that can help you during your journey. Success: It’s the people in your life and in your business that make you successful. To be great, surround yourself with greatness, which is exactly what you have with Keller Williams Realty.
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