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Our belief system, the WI4CS2TS is what we stand for:. Win-win: or no deal. Integrity: do the right thing. Customers: always come first. Commitment: in all... things. Communication: seek first to understand. Creativity: ideas before results. Teamwork: together everyone achieves more. Trust: starts with honesty. Success: results through people.   Local expert and agent in Hermanus and all surrounding towns with specific focus on the coastal town of Vermont.  . Vermont is a seaside town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Located near Cape Town, the town adjoins the settlement of Onrusrivier and is also close to the Hermanus town centre.  Vermont has a number of green belts created in an effort to maintain the inherent tranquillity and endemic fynbos and bird life in the area. Its name, which is derived from the French words ‘mont vert’ - meaning ‘green mountain’ - is after the American state of the same name and probably refers to the Onrust Mountain, which serves as a backdrop to the village.  A beautiful coastal path stretches from Onrus along the coastline becoming what is now known as the Vermont Trail, interspersed with tidal pools and ending at the sand dunes of Brekvis (Breakfast) Bay, one of the most undisturbed beaches in the area and a perfect spot for the earliest meal of the day.  The Vermont Salt Pan is an ecologically sensitive seasonal body of water that teems with bird-life, plays host to a large population of flamingos that come here to breed - their pink wings and long legs against the backdrop of the mountain make a wonderfully scenic moment.. Vermont, a newer suburb than its neighbour, has served mainly as a holiday village, its residents making their way here primarily during holiday seasons however more and more families are semigrating to this idyllic part of the country and specifically to Vermont to raise their children as there are very good schools near by and a University College is proposed to start in 2020. This area also serves those wishing to semi retire and still work from home is this is easy today with modern technology and the internet. There is a growth spurt presently as many newer homes are being built and vacant land is still avaible should you wish to build your dream home in this incredible region. . Contact me to find out how you can enjoy a slice of this incredible pie.
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