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Famously known for his passion for helping other people (and famous, he is, after having appeared several times in local newspapers for saving people’s lives!), Charles admits... that he does not do anything by half measures. He has dedicated his life to making a difference to other people; first, as a health studio owner helping people reach their goals and live better, healthier lives and later, as a Real Estate Agent, helping people find their perfect homes. In short, Charles has one overriding goal: to make sure everyone he meets leaves with him having made a positive impact on their lives. It is this goal that has made Charles so successful in the property industry, both at his own popular agency that he once started and grew, and now at B-Sure Properties. Charles is a fully compliant agent and, with years of experience behind him, along with the facts that he is helpful by nature, believes in giving rather than taking, is honest to the core and is extremely empathetic, means he is an agent that anyone would be lucky to deal with.
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