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My success in the Real Estate has been fantastically rewarding. Both financially and, more importantly, emotionally. I have benefited from the incredible wisdom from the likes... of Trevor Gaw which has catapulted me towards a sustainable and exciting life in Real Estates. The cliche ‘I am a peoples person’ they termed after ME! I have bowed and scraped from pre-madonna’s in my own fashion designing and manufacturing business to my eclectic clientele when I owned/managed/ran my unique lounge garden music pub, which exposed me to more dimensions of the human psyche than I would have preferred LOL! But it laid an incredible foundation for me to interact with people on any levels. That, with all the scrapes and bumps, I have elevated myself to a competent Property Professional who not only has the know-how, but the experience it takes to manage any situation. My track record speaks for itself. I only take on what I can manage so as not to 'drop the ball'. I only work with exclusive 3 month mandates, thus, giving me the advantage to deliver to my clients the best hands on service in the shortest period. My average turn around on any property is 6-12 weeks (no matter the price or area). I have managed to achieve this by taking the information and experiences I have been privvy to and putting it into practice. Until I came to Property.CoZa I was averaging 20-40% split. I have now trebled that. And whilst I have a nice little nest egg .. all my income is entrusted to an account that only pays me a ‘salary’. So like everyone else, I still have to budget. The beauty is, I am always working from a position of security, and that is why I can give my clients the time they require to conclude the very emotional time it takes to sell/buy a property. The message is I am of value because I genuinely care !!! But what must be the most attractive thing about working with Property.CoZa, is I am not micro managed and am in complete control. And yet I still have the incredible support from Gail (our Principle), who is never more than a call away and my fellow agents whom i regard as family and we have no problem sharing our properties or buyers, so long as the client is cared for.
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