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Basie Botha – Principle of the agency Selling property since 1990 There is not much more to say about the man himself; a legend on his own. A better negotiator you will not... find, whether it is to buy or sell your house, you cannot go wrong. He knows how to put together a contract to make a deal go through. His focus in life changed when he realized that money isn’t everything. To work with people is more important - selling a house versus selling a property … Basie grew up in Nelspruit. He started his sales habit at the age of 14 years, while still at school, at the dentist, listening to a conversation about property and took the lead to his mother, which leads to his 1st commission cheque. Raised in a Real Estate family, backed with a long record of successful guidance and solid foundations, Basie has specific areas of expertise in the real estate market. Basie is an epitome of integrity, energy, hard work, creative service in every detail of a real estate transaction - and to add to it; tenacious. Basie believes legends either wakes at 4 o'clock or goes to sleep at 4 o'clock ..
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