Hello, we are MyProperty
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We care about the community

Running a frugal company we try to donate to organisations in need when we are able to do so. Over the years we’ve donated small amounts to wildlife organisations in South Africa & Namibia, donated pet food after the devastating 2017 Knysna fires and currently support the Wetnose Animal Rescue center.
We care about our clients
Running a independent company, we understand how difficult it is running your own real estate business. Through optimisation of our our business and products, we indirectly give back to our clients with lower fees, offer discount on yearly payments and offer scalable price structures linked to the size of an agency.
We care about our team
In 2015 we took a bold step and fully embraced the remote work movement. We simply got tired of wasting time in traffic. It also meant more quality time for our team to spend with their family, friends, pets, hobbies and sport. It is a win-win situation for everyone. We believe that we should live our best lives right now, best illustrated by this story of the Mexican fisherman.