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    Jan Willemsfontein farm is 5579 hectares and consists of 4 adjoining portions/erfs situated in the Prince Albert district of the Central Karoo. It is approximately 420kms up the N1 from Cape Town and is situated 9kms from the town of Leeu-Gamka.

    Gamka is a Khoisan word for Lion. The Gamka and Leeu rivers converge at Leeu-Gamka and during the rainy season (summer mostly) the rivers can flow strongly on occasion. Mostly, the water is underground.

    The farm itself would make an ideal guest-house and or lifestyle getaway for someone (or a group of people clubbing together) who want to spend some time in wide open space with clean air and beautiful scenery, far away from traffic jams, air pollution and digital pollution. There are 80kms of off-road tracks making it an ideal playground for quad bikes and 4x4’s or for enjoying a slow scenic game drive.

    Nearby neighbouring farmers hunt during the May-August season and a lot of the game seek sanctuary on Jan Willemsfontein because there has been no hunting there since 2004.

    Nguni cattle were stocked on the farm in the past but these have subsequently been sold. The garden is perfect for artisan type food production and is completely organic. Crops of almonds, pomegranates and citrus, figs etc. make for an excellent variety of different options such as Pomegranate juice reduction, or vinegar's can be made from the grapes.

    Alternatively, olives can be planted on the 10 hectares of irrigable land to produce your own olive oil. As a matter of interest, Prince Albert Olives (recognizable yellow tins) are famous and are neighbors to the farm.
    Being 9kms from the N1, it can be easily travelled to by guests en-route, capturing the tourists driving the Route 66 through Prince Albert. The farm is completely off the grid and so it can be a real getaway where you feel digitally detoxed and at one with nature. Bathing in hot water heated by the sun leaves you feeling positive, relaxed and refreshed – in the knowledge that you haven’t added to the CO2 problems of our earth.

    One could go into livestock farming with the 12 camps on the farm – there is suitable carrying capacity of 550 heads of sheep. Alternatively, one could stock it with game with the view of breeding rare game or doing hunting, if you so wish.

    Prince Albert is a very historic and picturesque town and has a lot of great restaurants. There is also a small runway if you wished to fly in by small light aircraft from Cape Town to the area. Prince Albert is 65kms from the farm along the Kruidfontein dirt road.

    Claim your very own piece of a large tract of land and enjoy wide open space and tranquillity far away from the hussle and bussle of big cities and digital overloads. Here, nature restores your soul, the air is silky clean to breath and you will never have a traffic jam to deal with on a Monday morning, or any morning for that matter.

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