5 Bedroom House for sale in Waterkloof Heights 921230

Asking Price
R 5,200,000
Rates & Taxes
± 2550
± 0
Property Type
Living Areas 1
Beds 5
Baths 3
Carports 4
Building Size ±550 m2
Stand Size ±19990 m2

The above map shows the approximate area where the property is located. Where the exact location is shown by a marker, the accuracy is dependent on the agent who captured this. The map live traffic layer is only available in certain locations.

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    This house has so much to offer
    whether you are a family oriented, business oriented, diplomatic oriented or a Guest House owner this magnificent property will cater for all your needs, and
    whether you enjoy entertaining people, relaxing with family and friends, keeping fit at home, and/or working in a relaxed setting this property will match your needs

    The two cottages bring an additional income, which could be used for office space as well

    The maids quarters are comfortable, and a store room with a built in safe could easily be converted into an(other) office

    The Town Planning Department would consider rezoning or a Consent of Use for a Guest House

    The versatility of this property is endless

    full perimeter electric fencing PLUS electric gate PLUS barbed wird fencing on wall facing street PLUS permiter beam on tennis court (that is not functional at present) PLUS security gates on all external doors and passge doors inside the house
    The indoor Jacuzzi and Sauna lead out via sliding doors to the pool and tennis court, and lead into the house via double French doors to the lving areas The standard (full size) tennis court has a basketball net and practice wall
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