Game Farm Lodge for sale in Vaalwater 662559

Asking Price
R 17,000,000
Rates & Taxes
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Property Type
Game Farm Lodge
Building Size ±13660000 m2

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    According to the permitted zoning scheme the properties are zoned as follows:
    Town Planning Information
    Zoning: Agricultural
    Servitudes: None
    Suburb & City: Vaalwater / Lephalale area, Limpopo Province
    Title Deed Descriptions: Remaining Extent 1,366.6675Ha


    Situated approximately 2,5 hours from Johannesburg, the property is located approximately 1,200m above sea level in the malaria-free Waterberg Biosphere. The property lies just between Vaalwater and Lephalale in the Limpopo Province and is easily accessible via a well maintained tar and gravel road network.
    The game reserve features a mixture of mountainous and level terrain covered with natural vegetation such as grass, large trees and shrubs together with exquisite views of the surrounding countryside in a peaceful, tranquil setting.
    The subject property offers good access to the local amenities available in the nearby towns of Vaalwater, Lephalale and Modimolle (Nylstroom). In terms of services the property has an electricity supply from Eskom and an ample supply of water.

    Boreholes: More than 5, of which one has water gushing out of the casing. According to the owner the borehole has always been gushing water even in the most dryiest time if the year. The water tastes like rain water or bottled water. This particular hole is about 40 meters deep.Water is the least of your problems on this farm as there are more than 4 walled dams which are all secured on the side to prevent erosion from calving away the wall.

    Directions from Johannesburg:
    Travel on the N1 highway towards Polokwane, passing Bela-Bela. Turn left to Modimolle and continue on the R33 through the town and on to Vaalwater. At the 3-way stop in Vaalwater turn right onto the “Lephalale” road.

    Description of Improvements

    Primary Use: Game / Hunting Farm
    Roofing: Thatch / IBR
    Ceilings: Wooden Ceilings
    Walls: Brick with plaster & paint / Face brick
    Floor Coverings: Various – Including grano screed
    Condition: The condition of the buildings on the property varies with neat modern finishes, to older basic finishes. It should be noted that we have not undertaken a structural survey of the above described building, nor have we arranged for tests or inspections to be carried out on any of the service installations.

    Accommodation Details
    The property is a fully functional game farm which is well situated and includes all of the improvements normally associated with such a use.

    The property is made up of a single farm portion measuring 1,366.6675 hectares and is fully enclosed by way of 2,4m game fencing. A number of dams cover approximately 55 to 60 acres of the property when full and a fountain valley offers spectacular views and is considered to be the “best part of the farm”. There are 3 Duncan applicators on the property and electricity is supplied by Eskom. A borehole drilled in 1999 provides the entire farm with a constant supply of water. A holding boma for new animals is located alongside the Eskom transformer. A well maintained internal road network allows for ease of movement to all improvements located on the property. A full Eco Plan has been compiled by Gert Fourie and is available for perusal. The farm is fully accessable without the need fort a 4x4 vehicle.

    The following is a breakdown of information as obtained from the Agricultural Geo-referenced Information System (AGIS) with regards to the subject property:
    - Mean Annual Rainfall 401mm to 600mm
    - Mean Max. Annual Temp. 27°C to 29°C
    - Mean Min. Annual Temp. 4°C to 6°C
    - Terrain Type Rolling / irregular plains high hills / ridges
    - Soil Free drained, structureless soils

    Main Dwelling Area
    This area comprises neat, well maintained buildings which include upmarket finishes. The homestead made up of a number of buildings and the following is a breakdown of the accommodation offered by the dwelling:
    - 4 x Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms (with fire places and open-air showers)
    - Lounge & kitchen (with scullery & pantry)
    - Dining room
    - Single Garage / Additional Storage
    The homestead faces a large dam and includes a wooden deck, ponds, storage area plunge pool and boma.
    A boat-house with launch ramp and thatch lapa is located in close proximity to the homestead. In addition, there are also 2 x 10,000lt water tanks located nearby.

    Staff Buildings
    The first staff building is located alongside the shed and comprises a face brick building with 3 bedrooms, shower & ablutions, storage, lounge / dining room and 3 bedrooms. The building offers basic finishes, but has a functional, low maintenance design. This building includes a 10,000lt water supply, Top TV installation and a Telkom land line.
    The second staff building forms part of a partly walled area and hosts a main building with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and lounge. A smaller, separate building is located alongside and hosts the ablution facilities. A 5,000lt water supply is also included.

    Hunting Lodge
    This is a small hunting lodge which can accommodate 6 people in comfort. Three chalets provide the accommodation and include ablution facilities and modern internal finishes. The fourth building is utilised both as an entertainment area and food preparation area. A boma is located in the centre of all the structures.

    Shed & Surrounding Buildings
    The main shed is situated in close proximity to the main staff quarters. The shed is an elongated structure which offers good stacking height and includes a meat processing room, cold room facilities and an office. The building has a steel beam frame with face brick walling and IBR cladding. Two 2,000lt diesel tanks are located directly behind this structure.
    Two smaller buildings are located alongside the shed of which the first was formerly utilised as a meat processing room, but both are now utilised for storage purposes.

    Site Improvements
    In addition to the structures already mentioned, the property includes the following items:
    - Five dams, three are currently utilised
    - Seven watering points
    - Former dwelling, unutilised at present
    - Base radio with 2 handsets – connected to all farmers in the area

    Improvement Sizes: Measurements taken on site indicate the following gross building areas for the improvements:

    Land Claims
    As per a letter received (dated 29 January 2013), there is no information of any land claims pertaining to the subject property. The letter does however state that, should investigations show that a claim has been found to be lodged, they department will then notify the relevant parties immediately.

    Game Count
    The following is a list (as supplied) of the game which is currently on the property (approximate figures):
    - Nyala 15 to 20 Blue Wildebeest 50+
    - Zebra 10 to 15 Waterbok 20 to 25
    - Gemsbok 8 to 10 Rietbok 10 to 15
    - Eland 8 to 10 Rooi Hartbees 2
    - Kudu 60 to 80+ Rooibok 150 to 200+
    A large amount Bushbuck, Klipspringer, Warthog, Hyena and small cat species roam the property. In addition, there is a pair of Fish Eagles who have been nesting and raising their young for more than 10 years.

    Improvements Extent (m²)

    Annual Cost Homestead – Suite 1 ±51m²

    Homestead – Suite 2 ±26m²

    Homestead –Suite 3 ±27m²

    Homestead – Suite 4 ±45m²

    Homestead – Dining Area ±23m²
    Homestead – Lounge / Kitchen ±54m²

    Homestead – Single Garage ±225m²

    Boat House ±27m²

    Staff House 1 ±124m²
    Staff House 2 ±71m²

    Ablutions – Staff House 2 ±6m²
    Shed ±444m²

    Storage 1 (next to shed) ±33m²
    Storage 2 (next to shed) ±16m²

    Hunting Lodge (all 4 buildings) ±125m²
    Total ±1,297m²

    Items Included
    Information supplied shows that 95% of movables on the property are included in the sale. In addition, these include:
    - 400cc Yamaha Quad - Cruiser
    - Tractor & trailer - Fire Fighter
    - Land Rover

    How many farm workers ? Three + family. The owner has angreement with the workers and their families that he will relocate the whole family at his own cost to a house of similair size in Vaalwater.

    Workers accommodation
    Water reservoir
    VAT Registered
    Registered in a legal entity
    Open water
    Moveable assets
    Game Fenced
    Eskom power
    Borehole equipped


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