3 Bedroom House for sale in Moditlo Nature Reserve 986416

Asking Price
R 4,950,000
Rates & Taxes
± 1500
± 1450
Property Type
Living Areas 2
Beds 3
Baths 3
Carports 3
Pool Y
Staff Accomodation 1
Building Size ±380 m2
Stand Size ±10000 m2

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    The newly built home makes brilliant use of space and blends perfectly with the natural bush. The elongated shape of the home takes full advantage of the river position, the views and the large feature trees which frame the property. The property has a large wooden entrance door with a welcoming reception area and a very open feel as both dining area and living room merge optically with the long, covered patio. Sliders allow you to walk onto the patio freely. The bedrooms are spacious with classy bathrooms, good light and privacy. The thatched roof has been covered with Harvey tiling eliminating the dust factor. The home has a semi detached, air conditioned home office area with 2 separate offices. So if you can't leave work at home while holidaying in the bush, there is room for it. Otherwise the focus of the home is clearly on leisure and entertainment. Be still and enjoy the passing game trotting through the dry river bed of this Big 4 game reserve. The Moditlo Private Game Reserve contributes 3 300 ha to the 15 000 ha Blue Canyon Conservancy. Situated just 12 km from the local town of Hoedspruit, in South Africa's prime wildlife area. The reserve is made up of 2 distinct types of eco-zones. Northern thornveld eco-zone and Southern bushwillow Woodlands eco-zone. Because of the high water table on the estate, flora is exceptional with game in abundance and more than 40 mammal species, 300 bird species and over 50 bushveld tree species. There are a total of 498 stands all roughly 1 ha in size. The reserve consists of 3 portions. This home is on portion Riversdale which is made up of 116 stands. The home is positioned in a cul de sac with only one neighbouring stand and otherwise open wilderness area across the dry seasonal river.
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