5 Bedroom House for sale in Kyalami 1055548

Asking Price
R 3,495,000
Rates & Taxes
± 1087
± 0
Property Type
Living Areas 4
Beds 5
Baths 4
Garages 4
Carports 2
Pool Y
Staff Accomodation 2
Building Size ±456 m2
Stand Size ±3000 m2

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    Designed by a Woman and Built to Withstand
    the Harsh and Extreme climatic conditions of the Highveld. This is a building
    that will keep you very Safe, Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer. It caters for children’s
    FUN and their own and their pets dirty feet and lots of friends.
    The EXTENDED FAMILY can already live here in the GRANNY SUITE downstairs AND in
    the separate 2 bedroom ground floor flat. PLUS there are 4 double bedrooms upstairs
    AND a large Family Room. PLUS the expertly designed and reinforced foundations
    Allows for the construction of another 2 bedrooms on top of the garages for the FAMILY
    Returning from University or bringing home the Grandchildren to visit.
    This deceptively spacious building is above all a deliciously designed and functional HOME.
    Surrounded by the HORSEY world the aspiring equestrian will have immediate access to
    the Best this world has to offer in SA. Added to which there are amazing schools close-by
    so Mothers taxi can take a breather!
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