Game Farm Lodge for sale in Ellisras 673450

Asking Price
R 21,500,000
Rates & Taxes
± 0
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Property Type
Game Farm Lodge
Stand Size ±29000000 m2

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    Well run, well maintained luxury 4-star game farm that has already grown its own legs. Under continuous same management for 10 years.

    *Actual size of land: 2 891 ha.

    Soil is soft sandy.

    Topography is flat with rolling hills. The far back of the farm is rocky. Due to good and well maintained roads all areas of the farm are accessible.

    Tree types: large trees, marula, rooibos, vaalbos, bergsering.

    There is no leaf poison as the farm was converted from cattle to nature reserve.

    Farm has permit to keep, breed and hunt lions.

    Lion breeding camps cam also be used for gamebreeding.

    Tent camp with luxury facilities, swimming pool, well groomed lawns.

    Electrified fences, bonnox, resistant to animals who dig holes and boroughs as well as crawling. Almost baboon resistant.

    Main residence: 4-star facility with several massive bedrooms, bar facility, helicopter landing facilities, thatched roof, servants quarters.

    Day center for day visitors: office with refreshments, car pool.

    Manager's house: tiled throughout. Current management couple has been on the farm for more than 10 years, their kids grew up on the farm and they are willing to stay on after a sale and continue running the business.

    Water: 8 boreholes, at least 5000 L/hour.

    Land claims: none, a neighboring farm with a short border has a land claim. The property for sale remains unaffected.

    Neighbors: big 5 reserves.

    Broadband internet available using long range relay equipment.

    Game: plains games numbers available on request, lions (kept apart from other animals).

    There is a permanent mountain spring that runs on the backside of the farm, even in dry years it still has some moisture.

    Please do not take offence: we may ask you to provide proof of funds + charged a visitor's fee, which can be deducted from the sale price. The fee may be charged depending on circumstances by the property owner.

    100kva generator included;
    Entrance with furniture excluded;
    TV room – all furniture excluded;
    Lounge with furniture excluded;
    Dining room - all furniture excluded;
    All furniture, cutlery, pots/pans, ornaments in the chalets and lodge excluded from price.
    Bar all furniture and equipment, fridge and all glasses included;
    3 chalets – with all furniture excluded;
    Kitchen – all equipment and cutlery excluded;
    Laundry - waching machine and dryer included;
    Coolroom certain items excluded, to be specified;
    2 x workers rooms – workers beds included;
    Lodge storeroom: swimming pool chairs and lapa furniture to be specified;
    Swimming pool dressing room and shower.

    Tented camp - all furniture included
    Tented camp x 4 units (sleeper 4);
    All furniture included;
    Lapa with bar area;
    Laundry - all equipment included.

    Office area
    Office with all furniture;
    Storeroom – all unmarked items included to be shown to buyer;
    Cool room, freezer room and slaughter room with all equipment included;
    Workers rooms - bed included;
    Managers house - no furniture included;
    Generator (small) – included to pump water for waterholes.

    5 x equipped boreholes
    2 x (generator) & 3 x 220v equipped boreholes
    2 x cement dams
    1 x dam at the lodge
    3 x dam with rainwater

    Roads on the farm
    Roads all in good condition;
    Roads take you to the whole property

    Equipped bow blinds
    4 x thatched roof bow blinds;
    1 x steel roof bow blind;
    1 x bow blind.

    Animals in captivity EXCLUDED TO BE NEGIOTIATED SEPERATELY on the farm:
    White lion male x 1;
    White lion females x 2;
    White lions cubs x 3 (+- 9 months old);
    Cheetah’s x 2 (male and female);
    Spotted hyena x 2 (male and female);
    Leopard male x 1;
    Caracal female x 1 .

    Other species on the property
    Kudu, eland, zebra, rooibok, gemsbok, , giraffe, klipspringer, duiker, bushbuck, steenbuck, mountain reedbuck, blue wildebeest, numbers unknown. Buyer to conduct a game count.

    Permits for keeping
    Common reedbuck;
    The above is not on the premises but can be offloaded.

    Permit for the hunt of lions
    Permit in order - conditions apply

    Other permits
    To keep in captivity: lions, caracal, spotted hyena, cheetah, wild dogs;
    Permits to breed, rehab, viewing for all the above animals.

    Equipment and vehicles: loose assets to be negotiated separately.
    Gamedrive x 1Toyota) 2003 model;
    Gamedrive vehicle – truck;
    Toyota 4 x4 work bakkie x 1; 2003 model;
    2 x trailer for tractor.

    Whole property is game fenced;
    Part of the fence is electric fencing;
    Lioncamps : 100 x 100 bonnox fenced.

    Owners private rooms x 3 rooms all furniture excluded;
    Kitchen: a few personal cutlery items of the owner – marked to be shown;
    Managers house: all furniture excluded;
    Storeroom: personal working equipment already marked not included – to be shown to buyer.

    Please note: current price excludes loose assets.

    Please do not be offended. To weed out any dreamers, schemers, day trippers and in order to save you, me, the seller, the farm manager & the attorney’s time we need to ensure that we only deal with buyers who are financially capable of buying. That means you may be asked to provide written proof of your financial capability and be able to provide proof of your financial capabilty before we set foot on the property. You may also be asked to provide the name and landline number of your bank manager or private banker, this way we don’t have to speak to a friend pretending to be a private banker. The farm price is R21,5 million. Once again, do not be offended if you are requested to pay a visitor's fee which may be up to R2500. This amount will be refunded once the minimum deposit of R500 000 has been paid into the transferring attorney’s bank account.

    Please do not take the above measures personal.


    Workers accommodation
    Water reservoir
    VAT Registered
    Price negotiable
    Open water
    Moveable assets
    Mobile Telephone Service
    Game Fenced
    Eskom power
    Borehole equipped
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