4 Bedroom House for sale in Chatsworth 1069561

Asking Price
R 900,000
Rates & Taxes
± 0
± 0
Property Type
Living Areas 1
Beds 4
Baths 2
Carports 4
Staff Accomodation 1

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    Whether you’re an up and coming young executive or a young family getting on your feet, this home is perfectly suited for you. Located in the heart of Chatsworth this home offer 4 bedrooms fully built in cupboards. The Kitchen is a stunning inviting affair with granite tops and style cabinets, hob/ electric oven and loads of clever storage space and cupboard space. Entering into the dining room area which leads to the lounge area with sliding doors and well lighted area. Private front veranda upstairs for those lazy days just to relax..
    The owner spent months completely getting this home beautifully done with tiles these fill the entire expanse of this dwelling, pine ceilings on the upstairs ceiling and built in cupboards in all the bedrooms Stepping into the home you can clearly observe the level of detail and finishing, with these homeowners never settling for second best.
    The Carport can park 6 or more cars and there’s a storage room at the back and a beautiful garden in the front and vegetable garden at the back of the house.
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