Top things to consider when using movers

Whether buying a new home or renting one, everyone will experience moving homes at some stage of their lives. 

Moving yourself can be a physically daunting task and can also be expensive, so using professional movers could make a lot of sense. However, the challenge is determining which mover to use with so many to choose from.
“Ideally the best way to select a mover is through a referral from a friend or family member who has used them before,” says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “This way you have a testimonial from someone that you trust that the mover does a good job. However, if there is no-one who can provide you with the details of a reliable service provider, there are factors to consider that will assist you to make the best choice and use the right mover to transfer all your possessions to your new home in one piece.”
Goslett provides a few points for those looking to use a professional mover to consider:
Research on the internet and public information

Generally in today’s age of technology, a wealth of information is only a mouse click away. The majority of companies will have websites that list their services, service history, area they operate in and a rough estimate as to how much it will cost. The internet is a good place to start compiling a list of possible choices and getting background information on each. Another advantage of looking at websites is that they should provide contact information, which allows you to ask questions and obtain a written response. Beware of any companies who do not provide a local address or information about licensing or insurance.
“The internet and online search engines such as Google are a great source of online testimonials. Social media also provides an excellent platform to gain information about a credible professional mover. This points back to finding a referral from someone who has already used a mover and been extremely happy with their service. The internet and social media have allowed consumers to freely find opinions and share value knowledge,” says Goslett.
Get a quote

Before a mover can provide you with the cost of the move, they will need to do a walk-through to see the furniture and boxes that need to be transported. Goslett advises that if the mover insists on a contract being signed or a deposit being paid before they are willing to provide a quote, rather keeping looking.
“It is extremely difficult for a mover to provide an accurate estimate over the phone without conducting an on-site inspection of the goods that need to be moved. Generally if an over-the-phone quote sounds too good to be true – it usually is. The mover should come to your home and provide a written quote,” says Goslett.
Get all the information upfront

“Be sure to ask questions and find out as much information as possible upfront,” says Goslett. “Ask for the hourly rate, how many people will be there to move your goods and if there are any additional costs such as fuel or packing materials.”
Check whether the mover is insured

The fact that your possessions are travelling along South African roads provides a certain element of risk. “Don’t use a moving company that does provide some level of insurance,” advises Goslett. “While movers will generally not provide 100% coverage, it is advisable to use a mover that provides some insurance or guarantees. This way, in the event that your possessions are compromised, there is nothing to worry about.”

Additionally, Goslett says it is always good idea to phone your insurance company and check before the move what is covered by your household insurance during the move. Homeowners should find out what is required in case of loss, as some insurance companies may need receipts, appraisals or photos of valuable items.

Look over the paperwork

The mover should provide an inventory list of all the items that are to be moved, along with the address from where the goods are leaving and of their final destination. Goslett says that it is important to check the list to make sure it is correct and everything has been listed. Homeowners should also read any other fine print in the paperwork as well as any other documents provided by the mover and keep a copy on file for later reference if required.
“While moving can be a stressful exercise, with the right moving company assisting you, it can be a far less daunting experience. Selecting a reliable service provider will ensure that the move is as smooth as possible, making it something that everyone can look forward to,” Goslett concludes.

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