Private island or flat in London?

By Annali Smith
Online Editor

Let us for a moment believe we live in a world where our biggest decision is whether we should buy a private island or a flat in London. Now what would you say if I told you could probably buy a private island for less than a flat in London?

How can that be? It is no secret that property prices in London are extremely high, but the mere idea that you could own a private island for less than a flat really brings home the message.

Here are seven islands that you could buy instead of a flat:

Savage Jungle, Patagonia -  £2.2 million

Situated in the southern region of Chile this private island is a stunning showcase of raw and natural beauty. Surrounded by fjords and 26 waterfalls makes this the perfect escape for nature lovers. And not only that - developer rights are also thrown in.

Or you could buy this apartment in Baker Street for a few grand more. Yes you would be living on the street made famous by the Sherlock Holmes novels, but you will only have three bedrooms, unfurnished. The asking price on this property? £3 million

Sicilian luxury, Sicily -  £2 million

Just off the coast of Sicily you would find this haven of luxury - you would be the proud owner of a natural marina for your yacht, a peaceful bay on the one side and dramatic cliffs on the other side.

Then again you could buy a two bedroom flat in Kensington. Don’t fret the £2.3 million price tag includes your own designated parking space!

St. Bees, South Pacific - £600,000

At some point in our lives we thought about flying a helicopter to our own private island, St. Bees would fulfill that dream and then some in one easy sway of the numerous palm trees. Surrounded by azure waters, lush vegetation and breathtaking views, this island oozes paradise.

If paradise is not your thing, you could opt for this “well presented” three bedroom flat in Earl’s Court for £800,000. On the plus side you would have excellent access to to the A4/M4.

Moute Iti, French Polynesia - £625,000

4,500 square metres of white-sand paradise, dotted with buildings constructed in local Tahitian style — all of them yours to own — and situated in the most beautiful part of the Bora Bora lagoon.

On the other hand you could always go for this two bedroom apartment on Wandsworth Green Road, a mere 10 minute’s walk from enchanting Parsons Green for only £695,000

Ariara, Philippines - £4.7 million / Via

This untouched tropical island is surrounded by a breathtaking coral reef and despite being only 60 minutes away by plane from Manila, offers complete privacy.

We know that not everyone likes tropical destinations, the mosquitos and the weather can be a little overwhelming, so why not get this less tropical apartment on Caledonian Road for £5.5 million?

Big Gooseberry Island, Nova Scotia, Canada - £2.5 million

This island boasts 50 acres, two homes, and a boathouse. Being on your own private island could get lonely but a short boat ride takes you to a yacht club and golf  where you could laugh away the day with other rich people. According to the brochure the island also promises an old ‘Acadian Forest’, open meadows, sea breezes and ocean views”.

Then again, why live in Canada when you could live near Victoria Station in a two bedroom flat for a mere £2.7 million?

Ailsa Craig, Ayrshire - £1.5 million

Ten miles off the Ayrshire coast, Alisa Craig is a beautiful escape with four cottages, ruined castle and status as a national seabird sanctuary.

If seabirds are not your cup of tea then maybe this two bedroom apartment on Marylebone Street for £2 million is more your style.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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  • Reinhard Otto - posted 27 Sep 2013 11:46 AM                                    

    I want my own Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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