Kitchen countertops - which is the best?

The kitchen is one of the most renovated spaces in a home, and if you are currently busy renovating your kitchen or planning to do so in the future our list of the best countertop finishes will have sighing with relief as you will have one less thing to worry about.

There are many choices facing you when you are choosing a countertop finish - durability, maintenance and cost are three of the most important factors to keep in mind. Have a look at the list below to see which finish would fit your needs the best.

Stainless Steel

What is it: Exactly what it says - sheets of stainless steel are retrofitted to your counters

Why we like it: The great thing about stainless steel counters are that they are easily cleaned, which means you can keep bacteria away from your family and food. It is no surprise that chef’s also prefer this finish.

Downside: They scratch over time

Butcher Block

What is it: These finishes are usually a hard wood which is treated and sealed

Why we like it: These type of finishes gives your kitchen a warm and cosy ambiance, harking back to a cosy country kitchen.

Downside: These finishes would need to be treated and re-sealed over time. They can also scratch and stain.


What is it: Paper or fabric sheeting is glued to a plywood substrate

Why we like it: The possibilities are endless as there are literally hundreds of colours and choices available

Downside: You'll see seams, you can't cut on it and it will scorch if you put a hot pot on the surface.


What is it:  A strong natural stone which can be polished or honed.

Why we like it: This can be found with many beautiful color variations, it resists chemicals and bacteria and it's relatively easy to maintain if you seal it once in awhile. 

Downside: There aren't too many issues, but it must be sealed and there will be some visible seams.

Solid Surfacing

What is it: Plastic resins with a stone look. 

Why we like it: This material can be made virtually seamless and it comes in many colors and patterns. 

Downside: It's not as heat resistant as natural stone.


What is it: A combination of natural quartz stone and man made resins. 

Why we like it: It's extremely durable, non-porous and it resists heat. It also needs very little maintenance.

Downside: This one is pretty expensive and you will see some seams.


What is it: An elegant natural stone with notable veining and markings. 

Why we like it: It's truly beautiful, and reminds us of French bakery kitchens.
Downside: It can stain and etch pretty easily and has a hefty price tag.

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