Moving - how to decide what goes with

When you move you are faced with packing up your entire life into boxes and sometimes we pack things that shouldn’t even get a space on the moving truck. So how do you decide when our clutter should be binned or moved?

We all have those items that we have had since our first move, for some it might be a quirky collection or something from our childhood. It is never easy to decide if we should move it to our new homes, so here is a list of questions you should keep in mind when deciding if our things should find a spot in our new home.

• Where is this going to go in the new house?

Furniture doesn’t fall into this category unless the piece has seen better days. Heirlooms should always be kept but a couch you bought when you moved into your first place after university shouldn’t.

But what about your collection of shot glasses from holidays? The rule here is if you haven’t used something in a long time, they shouldn’t make the move with you.
• Am I keeping this just because I can?

Are you keeping something just because you have had forever and with every move you just move it along with the rest of your things. You don’t really care for the item and you have no real use for it, but when it is time to move, you pack it into a box. Items like this shouldn’t make the move with you.

How replaceable is it?

It's possible to make mistakes when moving and cull something you should have kept. If that happens, how easy will a thing be to replace? If you haven't looked at something in three years, it's generally safe to get rid of. Give irreplaceable objects more consideration.

• Is it really worth a lot of money?

Antique furniture or jewelry should make the move with you, but a collection of My Little Ponies shouldn’t. Once again this goes hand in hand with how replaceable an item is.

• Is it either practical or fabulous?

This doesn’t just apply to furniture or appliances, this also goes for your clothes. If you have vintage pieces or designer labels which will grow with you then they should be moved with you. If you are really finding it hard to get rid of certain outfits and you know your new home is short on cupboard space consider finding a storage unit where you can keep them. (Sarah Jessica Parker does this) But remember that the storage unit shouldn’t become a new place to clutter with things that you could have binned. The same rules apply for the storage unit.

• Am I decluttering, or going crazy?

Getting rid of unnecessary objects is great, but it's possible to go too far. Take breaks from decluttering, make three different lists - namely moving, binning and maybe - put items that you are not sure about on the maybe list and come back after a while and decide whether you are moving it or binning it.

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